Cool Roof Solution

Global warming is the biggest threat faced by humanity right now. Governments, Corporations, and NGOs across the globe are trying to fix the issue of global warming or rather trying to bring the rise in temperature under control 

An increase in average temperature simply leads to increased use of artificial cooling technologies such as air conditioning and thus increases the cost of operations as well. But this simply adds on to the problem rather than helping to reduce the temperature and cost down. The number of Heat Islands is on a steady rise and it is high time we have to find a permanent yet eco-friendly solution for this global issue. 

Cool roof technology is no brainer in this regard. It’s an innovative, permanent, cost-effective, yet the most eco-friendly solution to bring down energy consumption and finding a way to combat heat and increasing room and environmental temperature as a result of global warming. Cool roofs reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. Depending on the setting, cool roofs can help keep indoor temperatures lower by 2 to 5 Deg. C. as compared to traditional roofs and help in the reduction of the surface temperature of around 17-25Deg. C. 

Cool roofs work in the Indian context. Leading studies have shown that cool roofs work to guard against increasingly warmer temperatures in Indian cities. Cool roofs need limited maintenance and contribute to nearly 20% savings on air conditioning costs of the building annually, making cool roofing very cost-effective in the long run. 

A recent study from IIT Kharagpur called “Anthropogenic forcing exacerbating the urban heat islands in India” noted that the relatively warmer temperature in urban areas, compared to suburbs, may contain potential health hazards due to heat waves apart from pollution.

Introducing SunAro’s services and the range of its eco-friendly products to conserve energy and combat against Global Warming. Our range of Patented Stable Thermal Insulation Products ensure 100% guaranteed results.

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