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About SunAro Inc

We are a subsidiary of Concept Pneumatic, Bangalore,  having vast experience in both supplying and application of Epoxy Floor Coatings. At SunAro, we are a team you can trust. Since 1990, with our Epoxy Floor Coating products and services, we have handled countless projects and gained trust from reputable organizations in India and have executed multiple turnkey projects. We have a wide experience in this field and have numerous references for turnkey based epoxy floor coatings, with reputed clients.

We are an indigenous over- deck“ HEAT RESISTANCE & REFLECTIVE ”cool roof solution provider. Our products and solutions have evolved after long, indigenous, innovative research & development on finding how the buildings can be kept solar passive by using reflectivity and low thermal conductivity. SunAro’s innovative & eco-friendly approach will help you in contributing to designing solar passive architecture apart from constructing Energy-efficient structures. The properties and utility of the solution will result in defining and identifying the resultant structures as environment-friendly GREEN BUILDINGS.

Solar Passive & Energy-Efficient solutions: Our products are with a concept of“ Make In India ” from manufacturers of patented thermal reflective products. Our products are manufactured to last a lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology and a unique manufacturing process using non-degradable materials (infrared resistive composition). Our Company works with the best-of-breed technology, offering you fresh and sophisticated cool roof solutions to any type of roof substrate. Our ethos is one of continual research and development reflecting the radical innovation occurring within the high-performance building movement. This allows us to provide you with access to our mainstream product line- THERMATEK® for Cool Roof Solution.

SunAro’s mission is to be the earth’s  leading environment friendly, green and profitable solution provider. With products, services, and solutions  exceeding customer’s expectations through superior product and service delivery, satisfaction, delightful services, after-sales service & technological innovation. We value diligence, creativity, and innovation. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we provide multiple levels of support and availability.


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