Sunaro Range of Products

Cool Roof Tiles

  • Reduces the Surface temperature up to 20 deg C
  • Indigineous Ceramic technology
  • Easy to Install, Maintenance free energy efficient roof
  • Stain-free, Aesthetically appealing and clean appearance of terrace
  • Provides ligh-weigh yet strong usable top layer to roofs
  • Complies with guidelines laid by IGBT/TERI/BEE/CPWD/MOEF for energy efficient roof.

Cool Roof Tiles Coating

  • Reduction in roof surface temperature of around 17°C on a hot sunny day
  • Maximized Total Solar Reflectance (the measure of the amount of incident terrestrial solar energy reflected from a given surface) – SRI > 100
  • Greatly reduced sub-roof temperature
  • Easy to use and bonding with minimal surface preparation

Neonatal Respirator

• Ideally suited in urban to Rural Health centre’s to control Neonatal Mortality & Morbidity and mental retardation due to hypoxia.

• Electrically Operated can also run on generator & invertor.

• Unskilled Paramedical staff can operate this equipment to save Birth Asphyxiated Neonates. Saves life just in time.