Colored Heat Reflective Paint


  • Exterior south/south west / west facing walls in buildings exposed to radiation
  • Warehouses, workshops and garages
  • Hotels, dairies, stables and farm houses
  • Industrial sheds kennels and aviaries
  • Silos, metal tanks, and canopies
  • Concrete pathways around temples, swimming pool decks and handrails
  • Overhead water tanks and pipelines that get heated.

Salient Features

  • Premium Exterior Paint with high thermal properties duly tested in lab and field
  • Developed by ICT (formerly UDCT) Mumbai. (One of the world’s top ten Chemical Technology Institutes)
  • Only Colored Paint with High SRI in the World
  • LOW VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) – Confirms to Green Building norms
  • Long Life and Color Fastness (Non-fading inorganic colors)
  • Cost Effective and Better Performance

Key Benifits

  • Reduction in roof surface temperature of around 17°C on a hot sunny day
  • Maximized Total Solar Reflectance (the measure of the amount of incident terrestrial solar energy reflected from a given surface) – SRI > 100
  • Greatly reduced sub-roof temperature
  • Easy to use and bonding with minimal surface preparation
  • Fast cure at room temperature
  • Aesthetically appealing